Question About PayPal

  1. When one pays for an item via PayPal, does the seller know if it was with credit card, directly from bank account, or with eCheck?

    I just bought an item, received the PayPal invoice, and there is a note on it that says echeck only. Though on the seller's site is says they accept CC's but it would be nice if payment was by echeck.

    I used PayPal with my cc. Do they know how my PayPal payment was made? (and why would it matter?)
  2. Yup they can check.
  3. Yes, they will know how the payment was made. The seller probably prefers e-check, since the paypal fees are lower. I think the maximum fee for e-check is $5, while for credit card it is a percentage of the total sale price which can be much more than $5.
  4. so if you have listing and want to be paid by e=check or instant transfer, not cc, how would you do it? cc charge up to 3 %