question about paypal spend $30 get $15 back

  1. does pay pal send you a check or is it going to be in your pay pal account ?
    if you know anything please let me know
  2. do they send you a check or will it be in your palpal account please let me know
  3. they deposit it in your account. takes a while though, at least in my experience.
  4. it would automatically show up on your paypal balance
  5. yea, it gets deposited into your account. I still havent received my rebate from their Holiday promotion!!!!!!
  6. They'll credit $15 back to your paypal but it just takes a long time.
  7. how long? is a loooooong time?
  8. when i entered my email address on to qualify for this promotion, it said that i would only get the $15 back if i received the original email with this offer. did anyone else get that? i didn't receive the original email, so does that mean i don't qualify?
  9. i was wondering the same thing...