Question about PAYPAL preferred account?

  1. Hi all -
    I recently verified my paypal account by providing a bank account number. Now when I try to make a pay-pal payment, it wants to pull money out of that account. I would prefer to continue using my credit card.
    Is there a way to make pay-pal default to using your credit card (I looked all over the site yesterday and could not find anything to make the switch.)
    When I purchase something from e-bay and go to make my payment, is there a place where I can select my credit card instead of the bank-account?

  2. Just click on the blue letters slightly below that say "more funding options" & then indicate which card you'd like to use.
    You'll get the next screen that asks if you're sure you want to use your credit card.
    No way I know of to make it default to the cc, just have to tell it to.
  3. Thanks, gacats!!
  4. In my experience PayPal will always use your checking account as the default, I don't think you can change that initially. However, when you go to make each purchase you can do as the above poster said and select 'more funding options', then you can switch over to your CC. It will ask you to verify that you *really* want to use your CC and try to talk you into using your checking account but just ignore that, read carefully and select the button that says Yes, you really do want to switch to a CC for funding. It's annoying how they true to push to have you use your checking account but you can get around it.

  5. They do make it sound like you are making a very misguided decision to use your credit card rather than your bank account. From what I learned on tPF, all purchases should be made with a credit card - preferably AMEX.
  6. Paypal probably pushes you to use the bank account for 2 reasons:

    -Paypal has to pay Visa/MC/Amex etc fees to accept it as form of payment, just as a store merchant would have to

    -It is harder (if not almost impossible) to do a 'chargeback' from a bank account, unlike a credit card, to dispute a transaction

    I would be more likely to believe the second reason. I have had my eBay/paypal account for many years and don't remember paypal pushing for the bank funding option as much as they do now....:smile:
  7. Ita mad isnt it, the message says paying with your bank account means funds are transferred immediately ( to Paypals bulging account ) and fails to mention that if it all goes wrong you dont have the protection offered by your credit card...doh...