??Question about PAYPAL payment??

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  1. I just noticed Paypal took the payment out of my checking account from a bag I purchased. I thought I switched the payment to be taken out of my credit card, I guess i didn't and I needed money from my checking account (cash) to take w/me on a trip that I'm leaving on Tuesday. If I call Paypal can they take the money from my credit card and put it back in my checking account?????
  2. I really doubt it unfortunately. They purposely make it hard to use your CC, such as making you switch and not allowing it to be default.
  3. You have to specifically select your CC as funding option. You must be careful, they push you towards paying via bank account.
  4. Ask the seller to refund and you pay with cc. It will take Paypal 3 days to put the $'s back into your account, so may not make it by Tuesday.
    Good luck
  5. Ouch! Paypal makes it difficult to use your credit card. You need to click on change to credit card...or some such, or else they will use your checking account.

    Rather than mess around with a seller who is 'done,' with the transaction, I think I'd pay the fee for a cash advance from my credit card, and count it as a lesson learned.
  6. Probably what happened was, when you paid, you didn't notice (and just assumed) that it was going to be charged from your checking account, not your credit card. There is an options link underneath payment where you can change your payment method. You must not have done this because PP wouldn't have automatically taken payment from your checking account unless you specified it that way.
  7. Yeah I hate that Paypal does not allow us to set the credit cards as the default source of payment! I tried to remember to change it everytime but once in a blue moon I forget. Luckily those transactions turned out well. I really hate them for all these petty moves they make just to cut down on the protection they offer to the buyers.
  8. yea one time that happened to me. they tricked me, i blindly clicked on the orange highlighted button that says "do not change" thinking it was a "make change" confirmation button when in fact the gray button was the "make change" button. most people automatically assume the highlighted button is the confirmation of change button. needless to say $ was taken out of my bank account when i needed it for school tuition. i had to wait for my next paycheck to cover my tuition--i ended up paying late fee for school! sucks