Question about PayPal fees

  1. I'm buying something off of LiveJournal, and I intend to pay by PayPal. Its $5, but the girl I'm buying the item from wants me to send her $6 to cover PayPal fees (she said this to me and everyone else that is using PayPal to buy these items). I'm paying from my bank account, not a credit card, so why is she saying that there are fees? I know there are fees when you pay with a credit card, but I've never heard of there being fees when you pay from your bank account.

    I've always been a buyer, never a seller, so I have no idea about PayPal fees and stuff.
  2. If a seller has a premier or business account (which is required in order to accept credit cards), she will get charged the paypal fee regardless of how the buyer pays. So she will get charged from a bank account transfer as well.
  3. Thanks!! I'll ask her what type of account she has tomorrow when she replies to the email I sent her a little while ago.
  4. PayPal fees will be only around .20 for the seller. And you don't have to pay them because she listed PayPal as a payment option and she knew about the charges. the fees are the seller's responsability and that's why PayPal charge them and not the buyer.
  5. ^ For $5, paypal fees amount to $0.44
  6. ??? I thought it was just the 4% :wtf: but yeah they also charge a service fee I guess. But either way the seller can't charge her the fee unless the seller had another payment option and the buyer requested paypal. Talking about stingie..
  7. Just thought I would share this as it was given to me by sirene-a fellow tPFer!

    I use this quite often!!!