Question about Paypal dispute/non-performing seller

  1. Ok, short background. I bought an item (small, could have been sent in a business type envelope) from a new seller w/about 6 positive fb's not too far from me back on 11/24 (and paid minutes after it ended). I figured I'd get it quick since they were only a couple of zip codes away...but day after day went by and I never got anything. So I email the seller on 12/9 to see what happened; they get back to me the next day saying, "oh oops, I forgot to send it out, I didn't realize anyone had won since it didn't get up past my opening bid amount." Um ok. :confused1:
    Anyway, I wait a few more days and nothing so I email the seller again asking when it was sent. They said they mailed it that Tuesday (12/11) and since I'm not far away, I should get it soon.
    Well I didn't. And still haven't.
    Anyway, I emailed them AGAIN on 12/19 and got no response, so I opened up a paypal case on 12/20, they didn't respond so I escalated it to a claim on the 23rd. Still no response and the deadline for their response is tomorrow.

    My question is, is this like the NPB's from eBay where they can't leave feedback for you if the case is decided in your favor? I know if you have a non-paying bidder alert open and they never respond, you can leave them feedback but they can't leave it for you.
    I'm not afraid of retaliatory feedback, I'm just wondering if this is the same since it went through Paypal's system and not eBay's. :shrugs:
  2. Hi lvbabydoll

    I think they can still leave you a neg if they choose to...

    And this situation makes me so mad - it's so obvious she hasn't sent it and doesn't want to as she didn't get the price she wanted. What kind of an excuse is "I didn't realize anyone had won since it didn't get up past my opening bid amount"?! As soon as your item has a bid on it, it appears in green and bold letters! eBay then sends you an email saying "congratulations! Your item SOLD!"

    Keep an eye on this one - if the item hasn't gotten caught up in xmas post (after all, it is a busy time of the year), you'll get some kind of excuse and a refund will be offered soon.
  3. I'd be beyond angry at this seller. :cursing:
    Let us know how this ends.
  4. That's such a shame... how can they not know if their item sold?? You get emails about it. Looks like they don't seem that serious about selling their stuff.
  5. Yeah seriously. I notice they were a lot more interested in selling their $200+ Nike's (only 6 transactions and most were for that).
    You get emails from paypal AND ebay so it's not like you just "wouldn't know."
    Whatever, hope they close it soon, it's the 2nd, exactly 10 days since I escalated it to a claim, I guess they give it until midnight? :shrugs:
  6. I feel for you babe!

    Keep us updated on how it goes.

    BTW just curious, but was it an LV item you bought.

    I am so wary of ebay now, and even when you Mods help me authenticate an item, I always compare it with the photos of it on the auction when it arrives in case they switch! :sweatdrop:
  7. ^Thanks. It was actually one of the booklets they gave out at MOCA. I missed getting one so I thought I'd get one on ebay instead. Dumb idea. I figured I was safe since even though they only had a couple of fb's, they had a pic of the thing with a piece of paper next to it with their ebay name written on it.
    Sigh. :push:
  8. Well there are always dodgy sellers... even those who have had near perfect records might also slip up once in a while. Eeks. :hysteric:
  9. Yeah...I guess I should have known better since they were so new. Oh well. At least it wasn't expensive and the claim should be decided in my favor probably tomorrow since the deadline for the seller's response has passed.
  10. Yeesh, that sucks! Hope all turns out well. I'm waiting on a couple of ebay packages myself; it's always a little anxiety-inducing until they arrive! :hysteric:
  11. Well, the case was decided in my favor, which I figured it would, and I just left the seller negative feedback. No idea what this seller's deal was, they sold a few things and got positive feedback for it, then when it came to MY item, they never sent it and I still never even got it. You know, I really figured they'd email me at least, saying they'd sent it or offering a refund if I didn't get it, but after that one that said they sent it that Tuesday (12/11) and I should have it soon, my emails went unanswered. Who knows. :shrugs:
  12. Some sellers are weird like that, glad you have got it settled and out of your hair! :rolleyes: