question about paypal claim?

  1. So i had won that fake juicy on the 23rd of december, i never recieved the purse to refuse it, i opened a claim on the 25th and escalated it on the 27th. It says the deadline for the seller to respond is today. So do i have to wait til tomorrow to get my money back, since this guy is never going to respond, and he isnt even a registered eBay member anymore? Just wondering, i would like to have my 67 dollars back already :p
  2. I'm confused. You won the bag on the 23rd but filed a claim on the 25th? How can that be? You can't open a claim in 2 days. Is it because the seller is no longer registered?

    To answer your other question, you will not get your money back until paypal closes the claim. How did you pay for the item? With a credit card?
  3. ok i won the bag, and didnt ask people til it was authentic til right after i won and paid for it. PEople on here as well on eBay told me it was fake and told me to open a claim which i did. I tried contacting the seller but he would never respond, but he did take the time to list new items(That eventually were taken down in the next day or 2). The only communication this seller has given me is "are you paying for this with paypal?" That was right after i had won. I escalated the claim 4 days later since fellow tpf members and eBay members told me too, since he hadn't responded, bag was obviously fake, and he got his first feedback from another person saying the bag she won was fake, and she tried calling him several times and got hung up on.. The same day we looked and he was an unregistered user.. This was the item i had won

    these were the threads i posted: ,
  4. My claim says:

    A claim has been filed against this transaction. The seller's deadline for responding to this claim is Jan. 7, 2008. If the seller does not respond by the deadline, the claim will be decided in your favor. You may cancel this case at any time by clicking "Cancel" below.

    Non-receipt - Case ID: PP-390-842-959

    Status:[​IMG]Waiting For Seller's Response

    i was just wondering if they give him til the end of the day or til the time i had first escalated the claim....
  5. Paypal will give him until the end of the day to respond, but i find that unlikely since he's yet to respond anyways. I'm sure you'll be getting your money back, dont worry!