Question about paypal buyer protection

  1. If, at the bottom of the auction it states,
    [​IMG]Up to $200 in buyer protection. See eligibility

    Does that mean if something goes wrong and the purchase was > $200, (i.e. the bag is fake, SNAD, etc) that I would only get $200 back? I thought paypal protected buyers up to $2000

    thank you!
  2. Yes, that means you will only be covered up to $200. Whether or not you get more than that back if something goes wrong, will depend on if the seller has the funds in their account. Make sure to use a credit card for extra protection.

    In order to qualify for the up to $2000, the seller needs to meet certain requirements, which I guess, this seller does not meet.
  3. emald is correct. And yes, never complete an expensive transaction on eBay unless you use your credit card. Do not use a debit card nor an existing balance on your paypal account.
  4. i am victim of this buyer protection...i bought an item at eBay for $400 and NEVER received it. The seller soon became a non registered user on eBay and i file claim with paypal. it took paypal over 2 months since sept 2007 to get my $200 back adn they are still trying to get my remaining $200 from the seller whom i assume have close their account..i used my balance to pay for the item..:crybaby:

    i dun think i wll EVER get my remaining $200 back...:crybaby:
  5. wow... thanks everyone... So if they only have 200 protection and paypal refunds me $200, I can call my CC company to recover the rest? Which are the best (most "customer focused") credit cards (ms, visa, discover, amex?) for this?

    pradafanatic, sorry to hear you are out $200.. hopefully paypal will track down your other $200
  6. Transactions from some sellers, like myself, are covered up to $2,000. How much a transaction is covered up to depends on a few factors.
  7. I think if the seller is VERIFIED or a PREMIER member there is higher coverage...
  8. Hi Ladies,

    I have a similar situation, but I am the seller. I sold a wallet before Christmas and the buyer is saying that she never received it. The delivery was confirmed and tracked back to her house. She contacted me to ask how we should handle the situation and I have no idea. It was paid through PayPal. If she submits a claim, would they take the money out of my account? It is so frustrating! Any advice on how I should proceed would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!
  9. Take the $$ out of your account - if she files a dispute it will be frozen. IF she files and you shipped the item to a CONFIRMED ADDRESS - You will just need to provide PP with the tracking information and they should cover it. Review their policies and see that you followed them...

    Here is the link.
    Seller Protection Policy
  10. Thank you for the advice. It looks like I should be covered. Still nervous, but hoping for the best. I guess I'll suggest she take it up with PayPal. If anyone else has gone through this, I'd love to hear the outcome. Thanks again. As a newby, I appreciate everyone being so helpful!
  11. BTW, your niece is beautiful!
  12. T
    To qualify for $2,000.00 buyer protection, you must have 50 feedbacks and at least 99% positive.
  13. I means the SELLER must hve at least 50 feedbacks and 99% positive.