Question about Paypal and withdrawal limits

  1. I have a paypal account and have sold some bags recently.
    However, before I got married I forgot I opened up an account with my old email that was lying dormant for years. When I added my bank account number it also wanted me to add my social security number or do a # check by charged a $1.50 on my credit card for an approval number. When I typed in my SS# I guess it picked up on the one
    I had from years ago and said that there is an account with this ss# already open (the old one I haven't used in years). Is there a way to fix this or should I just do the 3rd option of getting a specific numerical code off my credit card statement and entering that. thanks in advance
  2. Wow I have no idea at all. That definitely sounds like a call to PayPal's customer service number is in order!
  3. I would just do the 3rd option where you have to get a set of numbers off of your credit card statement. If you check your statements online, it shows up in like 2 days! When I added a debit card, the charge (and numeric code) showed up the next day.
  4. I would do the 2nd option and let them charge me $1.50 instead of giving them my SS#. I think this is a new PayPal rule. If you don't privide them either one, they will only let you withdraw $500 per month.