Question about patina and heat

  1. I was wondering if it's bad for me to store my LV bags in my closet because there's a pipe of some sort in my closet that gets really warm and is connected to the heater. My bags are in their dust bags, but sometimes, the closet gets really warm. It's not boiling hot in there, it just gets warm, so when I take out my bags they're nice and cozy. Would that make the bag develop more of a patina faster, or does it need light? Thanks!
  2. I think patina needs exposure to air and sun to develop faster. I think it would be best if you took your LV bags out of that closet and find a new place to store them that doesn't have fluctuations in temperature.
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  3. heat would help for them to patina faster, yes. but sunlight and air also factor in.
  4. and yes, i agree with peace43 with storing them elsewhere that doesn't have much of a temp fluctuation, mainly for the care of the canvas and the leather, since heat is prone to drying things out.
  5. The sun is bad if you want to keep the vachetta light
  6. did you treat the vachetta w/protection such as Apple Gurad, Kiwi, or Shinine Moneky, if yes, it might slow down the process a bit even when your closet gets warmed. But i'd try to store LV in a constant temp place like others suggest.