question about patent

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  1. so i have patent and leather simples. i sized up 1/2 a size for the patent ones as i know patent, generally, does not stretch. does that hold true for most cl styles? size up at least a half size for patent? i just tried on a bunch of shoes in kid and my normal size was perfect and the half size was too big but i'm wondering if that would not be the case if they were patent. eek. thanks!
  2. I would love to know the answer to this also.
  3. So I am no expert, but in the Decolletes, I have taken a full size up from my CL size in the patent. I bought two non-patent decolletes this week and only sized up .5 size.

    In the VPs - I sized up a full size for my patent and only .5 size in the kid, python, etc.

    In the simples, I sized up a .5 size for patent, but in suede and python kept to my US size.

    So in my experience I size up an extra .5 for patent, including most non-CL brands. I have slightly wide feet at the base and narrow heels.

    Hope this helps!
  4. see i'm never my us size. i'm a 9 us and almost never anything under a 40. weird.
  5. I take a .5 up if its patent!
  6. It really depends on the cut of the shoes.....
    Patent Corta = 6.5 (my US size) and all 3 of my Kid Simples are size 7.
  7. I'm the same size for all materials whether it is patent, kid or python. I will size up a half size depending on the style of the shoe.
  8. hmmm thanks everyone for your input!
  9. Hlfinn, size in patent CL's, the eternal question I am grappling with now. I have been told there is now a pair of patent decolletes in my size at the Tyson's Saks. They are being held so I can try them on tomorrow.
  10. Me too:yes: I don't notice a difference in sizing between the patent, kid, or python.
  11. ok so here's my dilemma. thought i would post it here rather than a new thread:

    i really love the vps (i think they're vps. closed back? hidden platform) but could only find the black kid with red tip (not in love) and the brown (like but not as practical as black) in my size. i really want a patent shoe and i prefer the same color tip. anyway today i found black patent with a black tip in a half a size bigger than mine. i tried this size on in the leather and they fit but my heel flopped out of them a bit.

    the dilemma comes to this: i am maxed out. seriously. the yellow shoes put me over the edge. but i can get these for under 600 which is a lot less than retail i think? so do i suck it up and buy them and sell one of my other pairs? i was thinking about selling my nude gold podiums because they're big on me. i could sell another pair but which? i love them all (even though i have only worn 2 pairs once each). what's a good deal for these? how rare are they exactly?

    help! please!
  12. Ok... I need help..

    I noramlly wear a 38 in simples and the stretch out where they are are almost too big for me, so will the patents fit in my normal size?