Question About Patent Leather

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  1. Hey Everybody,

    I'm still fairly new to Chanel but I know a little more the average street person, although one question has been bugging my head for a little while now.

    When it comes to Chanel Patent Leather, what is it made from? What is under the coating? Calf? Lamb? I did a search on google and some sites said patent leather can be made from plastic nowadays ... Could someone please clarify?

    Thanks for all your input!
  2. Seems like it's calfskin according to the website..
  3. Are you referring the Chanel website?
  4. Yes! Check out the website.
  5. Oh yea... I don't know why I didn't find that before, silly me! Thank you!
  6. I just bought a patent beige reissue and according to the SA, it's lambskin. I'm not sure if this is always the case with all the patent bags though.
  7. Okay, good to know! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  8. Some are calf and some are lamb; you would need to check the box or with the sales associate to see which one it is.