1. Hi, first time posting on the Coach board:smile:

    Does anyone has the patent gallery tote in white? does it get dirty easily? how well does the BLUE match outfits? THANKS!
  2. the blue goes with things very well, it's more of a "neutral" blue if you know what i mean. it's not loud or clashy or anything. i'm very picky abut matching things and i have had no problem wearing the blue with so much of my wardrobe! looks great with jeans, work clothes, etc. i would totally go for the blue - also, i heard the white yellows with time.
  3. i would definately buy blue before i bought white. the blue is GORGEOUS and, like said above, a neutral bright blue. the white is pretty, but it just won't hold up over time, i don't think.
  4. Blue definitely! It's an absolute stunner.