Question about Patchwork alignment

  1. This is the bag I got and I have just recently realized the patchwork alignment is off. Compare the two bottom corners. What do you think--should I return it. Ugh this is annoying.

  2. ah. i do see what your talking about....i wonder if that's why it was on sale...was it on sale?

    i wonder if you can call the store, explain and have them find you a replacement

    if the patchwork design was smaller, it wouldn't be as noticable...but that's rather sloppy on their part, considering it's a huge part of the design element. the quality control is supposed to catch stuff like this...
  3. For me, it wouldn't bother me so much. But if it bothers you too much, then you should probably return it. Or did they have any others that you could exchange this one for? I know other Saks (including mine) had the same bag. Maybe they can find you a new one if you decide you really want it?
  4. It was on sale but at the Saks I went to they had about 5 of them yesterday so the misalignment is more quality control issue.
  5. i'd call them up, explain and go in to exchange it for a more perfect one :yes:
  6. i didn't really notice it till you pointed it out. but i'd have them try to source you another bag if possible T_T