Question about passport covers - do you have to take it off?

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  1. I have always used a passport cover, but recently my friend went overseas and immigration asked her to take the cover off.

    I'm just wondering because if this is the case because I don't want to be caught in a situation where I hold up the line taking my passport out of the cover.
  2. Hey helium!! I always leave my passport cover on, but it really does depend on who you get, and where you travel to, you can never really tell!! The easiest thing to do, is just whip the cover off, and make sure there's no cards etc in it......or you'll be scrambling all over the place!!
  3. well I think you have to take off the cover on one side... I always take off the side with my pictures only and put it back after immigration
  4. Why hello Tash!

    I think i'll just leave it off. I can't really fathom the idea of not having one, it's just become so ingrained in my life that a passport goes in a cover. Unfortunately these days I can never tell what's ok to do and what's not ok with the security being so strict.

    And julybaby, your schnauzers are so adorable!
  5. No you don't have to take them off, the customs officers will do that for you, and won't put them back.
  6. Well, HELLO back to you too!! ;) I know, it is better to protect the passport, as they can get dog-eared very easily. I use a separate purse for all my travel stuff, it just makes things easier, instead of rifling through so much crap!! So, where are you going on your hols?? ;)

  7. Ah it's not a holiday, it's just a yearly trip back to the family in Japan, Taiwan and China in the space of two weeks.
  8. ^^Ahhh nice!! Enjoy your time with your family!! :yes:
  9. Sounds about right!!! These pesky customs officers!!! :nogood:
  10. at london airports there are huge signs everywhere at immigration specifying to take your passport out of the cover. i've never had one, i don't really see the point. it's fine in my travel wallet and i travel a lot.
  11. ^^I travel to London on most weeks, and ALWAYS leave my cover on, and never asked to remove it. I just smile sweetly, it usually works!! ;)
  12. ^^ Those security guys aren't doing their job right if they don't take them off.
    Don't bother with a cover, they just take it off anyway. People could be faking passports underneath that cover, so they take them off. :yes:
  13. I was about to say the exact same thing :yes:
  14. The agents will take off the cover on the side where your picture and barcode is in order to scan your passport.

    I take off the cover while I'm waiting in line and then put it on again once I'm through customs. Not a big deal really.
  15. I've been asked to take it off but it takes only a second. But I have a funny story - I needed to show my passport on a train out of Russia and had forgotten that Russian customs officers on trains are notorious for shaking down travelers. Anyway, my red ostrich passport case from Asprey was clearly a $$$ sign for them. They claimed I was missing essential documentation, threatened to make me go to their office in some strange city but then "allowed me" to pay a cash fine instead. I wasn't too freaked out because I had read about this happening and, even in the midst of the yelling, knew what was coming. So I paid my "fine", came home with a great story and will always remove my cover when on a train or at a potentially problematic (i.e. looking for bribes) customs crossing.