Question about Pasadena

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  1. I have been on band island for awhile but now want a new LV, I have 3 pochettes and would like to down size that part of my collection, I was thinking that the Pasadena would be a good replacement as it is different. Any thoughts?
  2. Anyone..
  3. I'm sorry no one has seen your thread. I don't have this bag, but think it's gorgeous in Amarante!
    It would defiantly be an upgrade from the Pochette. Very dressy and elegant. If you don't want all three of your Pochettes, sell one and keep the two you use most.
    What color were you thinking of???
  4. I think the Pasadena is a good option...might be a little biased :biggrin: I have one and love it! I got it in magenta :smile: I use it more as a crossbody than handheld. The turnlock is also something that makes it different. It's a huge plus and allows for easy access without fussing around.

    The Pasadena will definitely hold more than the pochette. I don't have the pochette but I tried the Santa Monica clutch which is almost the same size as the pochette.

    If you are able to, you should definitely check it out in person. I was not a fan of it looking on the website. But when I saw it in irl, I had to get it!
  5. Was thinking of getting it in Amarante, that is my first choice. Wish it was in Noir but the Amarante is a very elegant color
  6. Yay, someone has it, Magenta is my second choice color, Amarante is my first because I really which it was in Noir. I love that it has a top hand but that the top handle is not attached to the flap. I hate when the handle is attached to the over flap, one of the reasons why I have not gone over to chanel. I plan to sell one or two of my pochettes. I am with you about it on the website. LOL.
  7. I have it too! Also in magenta. It fits less than the Alma BB and more than the Pochette NM. Such a beautiful bag!
  8. Amarante is a gorgeous color! I have it in another bag. The Pasadena is beautiful especially if you like small bags. I did a reveal and there are tpfers that have it. Buy what you love regardless. Not everybody posts their purchases anyway :smile:

    Have fun shopping!
  9. I agree, I have considered this one ♥
  10. Thank you all for responding, I want something bigger than the Pochette NM and smaller than the Alma bb. I think The Pasadena fits the bill. It is going to the top of the list.
  11. What a cute little bag.
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