question about paris

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  1. hey, so does anyone know how much cheaper lv is in paris? one of my friends is a flight attendant and is going sometime in january. i was thinking about having him buy something for me. so how much different are the prices? is it worth it?
  2. go to, the French website, not American, and you can see the prices in Euros there. naturally the prices in France would be significantly lower, because it's a French brand anyway
  3. Well worth it, especially if he claims the taxes back ! :yes:
  4. What a lucky gal! LV price in Paris is around 30% lower than my country's.
    It's definitely worth!!!
  5. I just went there last month..afetr tax refund I saved about 33 % on my daughters bag at LV!
  6. ^^ There's a big difference.. and u get to enjoy go for it..plan ur next holiday destination!!
  7. does anyone have an online euro/ dollar conversion chart? if i wanted say an epi passy it looks like it's 970 euros. how much is that in us dollars and what amount of vat do you get back?
  8. go to - The World's Favorite Currency and Foreign Exchange Site, and you can convert between different currencies there :yes:
  9. Check and convert the prices to dollars, you'll see it's significantly lower. AND on top of that, your friend gets 12% tax refund back!
  10. well the epi passy i checked didn't seem much lower. however, see if i did this right...

    mini lin samur: 660 euro. then 12% vat is 79.20 euro off. so after conversion 761.93

    epi agenda is 320 euro. after 12% vat it's 369.53 us dollars.

    did i do the math correctly?
  11. Your friend may not have time to do the work needed for the VAT refund! The process itself isn't rocket science, but as an operating crew member, he may not have the time to do it at the airport when he leaves Paris.
  12. he said he doesn't have terminal access but he should be able to put it in the mail there right?.
  13. my husband is a tech crew and will flying to Paris in Jan as well, and i will be giving him a list of stuff to buy. but he did warn me that he won't have the time to do the tax rebate at the airport . i am also wondering if there is any other way to get the tax rebate by mail or something?
  14. i think my friend said you can mail it FROM there. once you leave paris though it's moot. he's going to find out for me. i can't decide what i want...
  15. The passy you were looking at for 970 euro is the GM. Before the rebate it would be around 1280 USD around the same price for the regular smaller passy on elux :yes:

    The regular passy is 830 euro which is around 1090 USD before rebate, that's $150 cheaper than if you were to buy here in the US. If your friend can get the rebate, it goes down to 960 USD = $280 cheaper!

    Hope this made sense :P