Question about Papillon 26


Feb 11, 2006
Hi, I'm new to this board and am considering the Papillon 26 or 30 in the Damier canvas. I'm interested in hearing from Papillon 26 owners about how much they can fit into their bags. I know this is a smaller bag. I would go into a store to look at them but the nearest LV stores are too far away. Thanks for any input.
I have a Damier Papillon 26. Here's what I normally carry in it:

LV Ludlow wallet
LV Vernis agenda (I just got it, but it fits perfectly in the bag)
Small bottle of Excedrin Migraine
Pressed powder compact
Travel size hairbrush
Lip balm
Cell phone

A lot of times I put my sunglasses in there, too. Despite its small size, it fits a ton of stuff. I love mine :love:

Thanks for the quick reply to my post.

Would it fit a small paperback book (aside from anything) else or is it too small? Just wondering in case I wanted to try to tuck one in.
I also have a Dam Pap 26 and I believe it would fit a book quite easily. You would be amazed at just how much stuff can fit into this bag. I am constantly toting around misc papers along with about 6-7 tubes of lipstick and everything fits in there quite nicely. I fit my wallet, cell, day planner, my lipsticks of course, compact, sunglasses, keys, blotting papers, 2 packs of gum, hand sanitizer, 2 lipliners, 2 pens and I still have room to spare.
I was at the LV store over the weekend and was contemplating on either the damier papillon 26 or 30. I like both and just couldn't decide but I ended up getting the 30 because it's bigger, comes with the "free" mini papillon and plus you can wear it over your shoulder (which is a huge plus for me).

But I did emptied out my bag and threw in everything into the 26 to see if it'll fit. It actually fit my long wallet, some cosmetics, cell phone, hair brush, keys, and pack of gum. It started to look too full to me and I had a hard time trying to dig out my long wallet from the bottom of the bag since it didn't lay down nicely at the bottom. Instead, it was kind of stuck in the middle of the bag. Maybe because I have a FAT long wallet full of receipts and other junk, maybe that's why it got stuck. :lol: Anyway, I ended up going home with the 30 and not regreting it at all since I figure a little more room will not hurt.

Hope you can make your decision! ;)
Not sure about actual lengths but I know it can sit comfortably on your shoulder but the bag could get squished between your arm and your body. My 26 is hand held but I can carry it over my shoulder if I don't have a big jacket on (skinny arms I guess).
The straps on the 30 is longer than the 26 but I don't know by how much. The 26 is meant to be handheld while the 30 can be used either way (handheld or over shoulder). I just know that you can try to wear the 26 over your shoulder if you're not wearing a jacket and you have skinny arm (like Jasanna said) but it wasn't that comfy for me and I'm petite. But the 30 sits very comfortably on your shoulder. Both 26 and 30 will get squash if you don't have that much stuff in it, but I don't mind. :lol:
Irissy and Jasanna, thanks for your comments on the straps. That's very helpful. I'm not petite so if I want a shoulder option, I'll need to consider the 30. Hmmm... such a tough decision.:blink:
Then your best bet is to go for the 30. Like Irissy mentioned, I don't mind that my bag gets squished either. Sometimes the "unstructured" look is fine with me, I kinda like it. When are you planning on purchasing it?