Question about Papillon 26

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  1. Does the Papillon 26 has a D-ring or something like this? The 30 should have one for the small Pap but how about the 26, esp. the Damier?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I have the pap 26 in the mono, and there's no D ring or anything. I would assume the damier pap 26 would be the same.

  3. :sad: Why can't LV make the small Papillon w/ an inner pocket or at least a D-ring??? :rant::Push::cry:
    Thanks, LVCRAZED!
  4. I know....:sad: YW!:amuse: I'm thinking of the pap 30 in's on my list of "possibilities". Maybe sometime in the future...
  5. I agree, totally! Why do you think it's so easy to pick up a nice, authentic one on eBay for a reasonable price? Adorable, exquisite, little piece, but practical! Uh-uh
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