Question about Pandora charms

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  1. I'm wondering if anyone thinks it would be worth buying discontinued charms for resale later ( ebay etc.)

    TIA for your input!
  2. Yes, it's not a bad idea. I know we sell Chamilia Charms at my jewelry store and I've tried to bring in some of the discounted items that are being discontinued but it seems as though they are very hard to get a hold of. If you can get a couple, I'm sure at some point you'll be able to resell.
  3. There is a market for discontinued Pandora beads. As a retailer, I am constantly bombarded with requests for retired Pandora beads. Their retired animals are very hard to come by. Zodiacs are easier to find but even those are getting diffiicult to locate. If you find one that you like, I would certainly buy it. They go fast!
  4. Charmqueen, where are you in California, if I may ask? I have been introduced to Pandora by a friend three weeks ago and I am hooked. In three weeks, I have purchased the starter bracelet, two clips and 12 The gold ones are EXPENSIVE! But gorgeous!!!
  5. I have been looking everywhere for the retired turquoise pearl dangle. Does anyone know a website where I could find one for under $100???:shrugs:
  6. ^Believe me I've been scouring everywhere looking for one for luck so far but I sure will keep my eyes peeled for you!!
  7. Are there any you're looking for? I would love to help you find one too. The turquoise dangle is the only one I haven't been able to locate at a reasonable price.:heart:
  8. I've been looking as well, I've been to 7 shops in the last week, and no-one has it anymore here either. I know I saw it recently, but it must have been sold.

    Of course the problem with looking for you was that I *had* to buy several more for myself.
    I also picked up a couple of the retired ones at normal price, and will probably eBay them at some stage, I got the rhino/ram/bear face/and Chinese happiness. I also got some of the pink Murano, they seem to be selling at almost x 2 the value at present...and I can always decide to add those to my collection as the pink are my faves! (OK, so I already have 5 of them...but who's counting?)
  9. Thanks so much to everyone that's been looking for the turquoise dangle. I really didn't expect people to be as nice as pjaye and gapaholic have been (you girls are the best!) Are there retired beads any of you are looking for? I would love to help. The only one I've had a problem locating is the turquoise dangle; I have sources for all the others.
  10. Special thanks to gapaholic!!!:heart:
  11. Hello All, happy to join the post! I am a lover of all things LV and all things Pandora. I've just recently made a Pandora purchase, but have been admiring them for almost a year. I bought my first starter bracelet at a trunk show in March and it is filled. I am starting my second bracelet next month.
  12. What is the code of the turquoise pearl dangle?
    I'll have a look at a shop in OZ that has a few retired beads, I'm just not sure what I'm looking for.
    EDITED: Found the code. I'll keep a look out
  13. I've got a turquoise dangle charm.. as well as the ram, the 8 ball, the thimble, the rhino, coke can, graduation cap, mouse, chinese symbols, zodiac signs, dice, the teddy bear head, toadstool, swan, fish, discontinued spacers and discontinued CZ charms.. None of which have been worn.. Let me know if there's any others that people are after and i might be able to ship them out to you.
  14. Im new here- I just got my first pandora bracelet for Mothers Day and 2 months later have already accumilated 3 retired beads- the strawberry, cluster and chinese happiness bead in addition to 15 other beads. I just bought my second bracelet yesterday and I hope to get the silver with gold clasp for Christmas this year. Im obsessed with this thing :-0