Question about Panama (leather)...

  1. Is this new, old, a one-time only production (i.e. runway special)? Does anyone know?

    I've seen bags in this material last year (both on and off the runway) but wasn't sure. Thanks!
  2. I've seen pics in some of my Japanese H catalogues, perhaps you could special order it?

    I LOVE it! But it would be rather delicate.
  3. Thanks dear. Please check your in-box.
  4. I don't know if this is true or not, but my Sa reckons there are no 'runway only' productions. He said all bags you see can be ordered, with the exception of the special edition bags made for the window displays. I suppose it all just depends on what it is, and who you are?
  5. ^^^I second what GF just said here, that's my feeling too.
    I would also add that you need a good dose of patience, and a SA or a store manager willing to get down to the mission of eventually submitting your SO over and over again, in case it's refused in the first occasion.