Question about padlock handle!!

  1. What I'm talking about is the metal ring onto which the padlock attaches to.

    Is this metal ring always horizontal, or are there paddies that have this ring vertically placed? In this case, the point of attachment would begin on the right attachment point of the normal horizontally placed padlock attachment ring and it would hang downwards.

    Here is the link:
    This is probably fake, but I was wondering if the ring came horizontally like that in real ones.
  2. I think the loaf has a different lock attachment but I do not know if its just the plate turned vertical or not.
  3. Actually, the one I saw had the plate normally placed, with just the attachment ring placed vertically. Am i making sense? Do paddies come like this?
  4. A regular paddy satchel? Not that I'm aware of. But with Chloes quality
  5. What Quality Control? Is this a newly created division?

    The auction you linked above is for a fake Chloe. The attachment is wrong, as is the leather and price.
  6. Just to clarify, I am aware this auction is of a fake paddy. I am wondering if real ones come like this, with the padlock handle horizontally placed.

    Edit: ... oh, I guess when chicbags said the attachment is wrong, she means real ones don't come like this. Am i right?
  7. Do you mean if the rings are ever vertical? I'm pretty sure they're only horizontal, also the one in the picture looks like it was attached normally horizontal, but it broke.
  8. Oh my gosh, no! It definitely looks broken - real satchels never have a hoop like that. Funny that auction doesn't admit the broken part but DOES mention there's no key and the lock doesn't close! I wonder what the poor souls were thinking who bid on that one.....???
  9. oh yes, I mean vertical. Sorry!

    Thanks for the info. I guess they only come horizontally placed. Thanks!!
  10. What a sad, sad fake bag... It doesn't even look like the real thing the second you look at the metal plate.
    Regardless of the lousy state of Chloé QM, they wouldn't let a bag that bad pass through inspection, would they, because that "defect" is rather obvious. The ring looks sawed off...