Question about Paddy straps

  1. I notice that on every Paddington I see, the extra reinforcement of leather on the straps are off to the side a bit. Is there a reason?? Does it help with shoulders somehow? (But what about if it's worn on the wrong shoulder as to be in the wrong spot or something, I don't know!! ?)

    Anyone else ever wondered?

  2. I dont think its anything to do with that - might have just moved - mines were slightly off and just moved them up a bit
  3. Ah, they can move .. I tried a bit, but it's hard at least. Let me see. Nah, I can't do it. Eh.
  4. Some of mine move, other don't :shrugs:
  5. Maybe with a bit more useage they will loosen
  6. mine is a bit off too. but on one strap only. I find it strange too. And thought it only happens to mine. Didn't know they did that on all of them. :shocked:
  7. Well, mine's old with two users before me. :shrugs:

    I noticed because I've been looking at Paddies a lot these last few days on the forum!

    Only one of mine is quite off.
  8. they do move. i just moved them up a bit and they ok.