Question about Paddingtons


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Dec 29, 2005
I was wondering if Paddingtons frequently or ever go on sale. I am not interested in actually finding the sale, but I'm more concerned that I will see my $1500 Paddington go on sale and get that horrible guilty/sick feeling of wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a bag that ultimately will not be timeless.

That's one of the reasons I love LV and Tiffany & Co. They never go on sale, and you're just shopping for style and quality, not the "best deal."
The Khaki paddington was on sale a while ago at, but it was gone in a few minutes. I don't think it was a very popular color.

I don't think the classic satchel will go on sale for a while, but that's just my opinion. I love mine. If it does go on sale, then good for the person who gets the discount on it. A bag going on sale doesn't make me think I wasted money on mine at all.
Yeah, the khaki paddington did go on sale, which is kind of the reason why I am holding off getting another paddington. I really dont like when I buy something and it goes on sale not too long from the time I bought it. Which is another reason why I don't like to buy Coach or a lot of times MJ. I think once the demand goes down more paddingtons will surface that are available for sale prices.
think so, too. they'll probably fashionable for 2-3 seasons and that's it. their style doesn't strike me as very classical and then they'll be on sale. I don't think that they'll (paddington, motorcycle,spy) make it into the olymp of the bags like (chanel, tods d-bag, birkin, lvs etc)