question about paddington

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  1. I am trying to purchase a large paddington bag but I have noticed that the one I was looking at has two belt buckles on the side while the pictures I have seen on many of the bag in this forum dont. I was wondering if their were different versions or if it was a fake?
  2. My tall paddington has buckles on eac side. Purchased from Neiman Marcus.

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  3. It sounds like you want a classic (medium) size paddington. The messenger & front pocket paddington have the belt buckles on the sides. Nordstrom's is having a pre-sale on their Chloe bags, you may be able to find one if you call one of the Nordstroms.
  4. Your paddington is fabulous! Could you tell me what color that is? Is it Mastic?

  5. The color is Mastic and I really like the bag. I didn't go into the store for this bag but picked it up when I was told the YSL Mombasa which I was looking for, hadn't been in production for about two years. I have since seen the Mombasa at Saks so they must be back. Meanwhile I am enjoying the Chloe.
  6. I just preordered this color at NM - Yay!!! How has your paddy held up to dirt and normal wear? I read on TPF that the lighter colors actually hold up pretty well, but wanted to know what your first hand experience has been with this color.

    Thanks - Turtle

  7. This bag still looks beautiful. I've been carrying this bag for about two months and always carry a lot in my bag. I've always said If I had to travel on a moments notice, I would have everything I need in my bag. This bag holds all my stuff and I'm used to a bag being heavy, so even though a lot of peoople think this bag is too heavy. It's fine for me.