question about outlets

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  1. hi!
    i just have a question in regards to the coach outlets. are they all 'coach factory outlets' or are some just 'outlets'?

    ive been reading the forum and it says that the outlets get sent alot of stuff from the boutiques but the coach (factory) outlets that i went to in las vegas barely have any non-factory merchandise.

    so i guess my question is, is there different 'outlets' of coach - the ones that carry more of the made for coach factory stores vs. the stores that carry more of the older boutique bags?
  2. They are all COACH Factory Outlets. They have 'made for outlet/factory' merchandise as their standard product and they also receive transfers from retail as well as products from JAX that was previously in retail some time ago.

    It might be that your visit didn't coincide with them receiving any transfers for instance. Generally, when the recent retail merchandise arrives, it is quickly bought by us voltures, trying to get a good deal!
  3. There are two "levels" of Coach outlets- signature and non-signature. The signature tends to get more variety in and will usually have a better choice of non-factory bags. The non-signature mainly has factory bags but will get in other stuff and returns from time to time. Also depending on the time of year, a sig outlet may not have all that much either. At least that's been my experience. Where I used to live, I had a non-sig outlet 45 mins from my house and I'd stop there if I was in the area but I didn't go out of my way to go there. There were 2 sig outlets about 1 1/2 hours away and I would go there if I was really wanting to shop.
  4. That is me exactly ! kittery is 45 minutes away and has non signature and mostly factory bags an Tilton is 1 hours and 1/2 away and if I really need/want something I go there to shop.
  5. ok.. I'm confused now. How do you tell if your outlet is a sig?
  6. you can just tell if you go in there but now the outlets are coming out with their own signature line. The non signature outlets also carry their own mini signature line but that doesn't mean they are a store that carries signature peices. You can always call and ask.
  7. Yep. That's how I found out the ones that were farther away from me were sig. Once I got there, I didn't realize what I was missing (not to mention one was in a state that doesn't charge sales tax :graucho:)
  8. ohhh ok, so would it be safe to say that all the coach outlets in vegas (i believe there are 3) are of the non-signature kind?

    because i went to all 3 and they all had the same factory stuff, varying just a little bit in the styles.

    i only manage to find non-factory bags at the Primm outlet
  9. It also depends on where the transfers come from -- my SA told me that the things from their boutique go to specific outlet stores, and lots of times those items are sent to outlets in other states. So, your outlet may be getting things from a boutique two or three states away from you.
  10. They do this to torture us
  11. When I used to work at an outlet in FL we used to get transfer from all over the east coast. I'd love to know how they decide which outlet gets the transfers. Tilton is getting some transfer per a SA this week so I can't wait to see what they get!! I like to window shop on my lunch breaks:drool:
  12. Depending on the outlet and the non-factory items they are sending, even non-signature outlets sometimes get signature bags. Pleasant Prairie, WI, claims to be a non-sig store, but they did receive sig Legacy bags and they had denim sig bags in the past from boutiques. Actually, I find their selection to be on par or even better than WI Dells, which is a sig outlet. So it just depends on the location and the luck of the draw as to what they have received in transfers or returns.

    A number of people have scored big on items that were returns to outlets, both of '06 Legacy pieces (I found an item my outlet never got a shipment of) and of new boutique items (pink Heritage tote). You just never know what you are going to find. But even the best outlets have weeks where they have next to nothing worthwhile in stock!
  13. I just came from the two Vegas Coach outlets and they had tons of stuff ... one more than the other but had tons of legacy and bleecker stuff and the other had mostly just factory things but a few surprises (stuff still in boutiques) in limited quantities. One had tons of accessories too!

  14. Do you live in Maine? Have I asked you this before? :rolleyes:
  15. No, I wish ! I love maine, I live in Ma