Question about Outlet Orders

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I just did my first phone order from a Dooney outlet. The only store that had the one I wanted in stock was the Reading, PA one. They said it takes 1-2 days for the card payment to clear and then they ship it. Has anyone else gone through a phone order with an outlet and get the same thing about the payment? And my card is obviously not in PA so I hope there is no issue with it being an out of state purchase or if it is electronic. I don't know how the outlet purchases work so I just wanted to make sure with anyone else who has done it.

    I did a phone order with a regular Dooney store and it charged me immediately. But then I had to call my bank because it stopped use on my card. They thought someone had used my number in that state. So I guess it's good they are on top of things!

    I am getting the small florentine satchel in aqua. I loved it since it came out a while ago and never found a good deal on it. I got it for $184! I thought that was an awesome price. :biggrin:
  2. Most times the outlet phone orders ship from the Dooney warehouse in CT. The delay in processing isn't with your credit card company, it's with the outlet-to-warehouse paperwork. Hope you love your new bag!!
  3. Well she put me on hold to make sure they actually had it and she said they have UPS shipping labels right in the store. So it sounded like it was shipping from the outlet store? But I am not completely sure. What you are saying makes sense though! Thank you for your help!
  4. That aqua satchel is so pretty. I was admiring it at my outlet about a month ago. Congrats and I hope you like it. :smile:

    I just received my outlet order yesterday from the Livermore Outlet. Mine was a mess, but not with how quickly they shipped out. It was a whole mess of other things. It seemed like they shipped from the store and they shipped it same day, if not it was the next day because it was later in the day when I called. They did not call me back with my tracking number though. I had to call them and get it. It took a week to get my order, shipping UPS ground. So that was the bearable part. Then it took a week to ship it back to them and another week to receive the bag that I originally ordered! (Sigh). I love it though so the story had a happy ending.
  5. Wow, I'm so sorry you went through so many frustrating steps! At least you have the one you wanted now! Hopefully they will send the correct one and everything will run smoothly. I asked them to email me my tracking number when the payment clears, but I won't be surprised if they forget and I have to call.

  6. Thanks. I asked the SA to email it too, after he said he would call with it. But that's the same one who sent the wrong bag. :sad:. I just posted a review of it BTW. Can you tell I love it? :smile: I can't wait to see your new bag.
  7. Aqua :heart: That is one of the colors on my list. Pls, pls, post a lot of pictures!

    The girls already said it. The first time I ordered, I got an email with the tracking number. Second time it was five days, no email, so I called and they gave me the tracking number. Im sure the girl messed up my email address. But as long as the bag comes, I dont care :smile:
  8. Very true, the bag is what I care about! As long as I get it I will be happy.

    I will definitely post pictures! I think the outlet website still has aqua in other styles, but I haven't seen any florentine satchels in aqua online anywhere. But the outlet stores probably have the florentine regular and mini too.
  9. Yes, I asked about other colors when I ordered my salmon medium pocket satchel. But, I've got the Ocean blue FLO satchel, so my next color has to be something other then blue's:smile: Until then, I'll just enjoy looking at pictures of yours :smile:
  10. You're welcome. I'm not sure how it all works now; in the past they would not ship from store stock but I guess some stores will. Also, sometimes the sale is "final," and they won't accept returns so it's a good idea to hear that up front! Good luck--you got a great price on that bag.
  11. Haha! Well the ocean blue looks beautiful and so rich in color! I just didn't think it would go with a lot of colors that I usually wear. And the aqua has been calling my name. I already have a teal flo satchel, but they look different enough to me to justify getting the aqua too :loveeyes:
  12. Thank you, that is good to know! I'm sure I will love it. And if they send me the wrong bag like they did for TwoBoyz then they will have to sort it out even if it's final sale. :nono: haha

  13. Since you're dealing with Reading I think you're safe. People speak highly of that store.
  14. Well that's good to know! I haven't heard about any of the outlets. But the woman on the phone was very sweet and patient.

  15. I agree about the Reading outlet!

    Sandy and her staff there are terrific! I'm sure there are other good outlets to order from but I've had the best service from the Reading one. They will sell from their store inventory when items aren't available in the warehouse or at their discretion.