Question about Outlet Notification/Hold Policy

  1. I have a question about the outlet notification/hold policy. I was just in today and wanted a Hamptons weekend medium tote bag, which they didn't have (but they had the smaller size). Anyways, the girl took my information and said that when it comes in, my name will be in the system and they will automatically call me and place the bag on hold for me.

    Are they usually pretty good about this? Or should I still call every week and check?

  2. It probably depends on the outlet because I did that once and I never got a call. I know they got the bags in, too, because I went into the store about a month later and they were on the shelf.
  3. The boutiques are good about it...I never tried at an outlet.
  4. Ditto, also, if the boutique is out, they will ship for free.