Question about Outlet Finds

  1. I've been wanting a Coach for years and finally went to a great outlet when I was in Keystone, Colorado last week. Husband and kids were waiting for me :throwup: in the car so I didn't have a lot of time. They had tons of stuff but I'm just learning all the styles. They also had tons of accessories and silk and wool scarves. I finally walked out with 2 bags....however, I can't identify them. I really wanted a Carly but they only had a bunch of the baby ones. I wanted a medium Carly. I may end up going to the outlet near me in Jeffersonville to see what else they have there. But in the meantime, I have a few questions.

    How do you identify the bag style? I think that one bag I bought is a flap Bleeker signature in Black/Gray signature with black leather trim. I got it for $125 on clearance with a 30% discount.

    The other bag is a mystery to me -- it kind of looks like a Chelsea hobo signature. The strap and trim do NOT appear to me to be leather -- more like a vinyl material. Also, it has silver hardware rather than gold or brass. I asked the sales person about this and she said "oh yes, it's leather." I paid $219 for the bag with the 20% discount. If this is vinyl trim and I paid that much for it, I'm definitely returning it. If that is the case, how is it any different than the quality of a fake Coach (which I see a ton of around here)???? My question is: would Coach actually make a bag with vinyl trim specifically for the factory stores??

    Also, how do I identify what bag style this is if it's no longer on the Coach website??

    The salesperson also said that a lot of the bags are copies that Coach makes specifically for the factory stores and that they have the silver hardware rather than brass or gold or whatever it is.

    Can anyone help me out with these questions? :confused1: Thanks so much!
  2. Congrats on your purchases! :tup: Okay to know the style # there is a "Creed" patch on the inside of the back.. it has some numbers and the last set is the style #. for example.. G0726-10619 the 10619 is the style #, which is the medium Carly.. the 07 right behind that G is when it was made, in 2007. :yes: Coach only makes leather, no vinyl so it is definitely leather. :yes: If you want to post the creeds/style #s, pics etc We can all help you too. ;)
  3. Yes, post pictures! We'd love to help (and see your new goodies)!

    Welcome!! :yes:
  4. Coach does not use vinyl except for PVC bags which are stated as PVC and they are rare. What does the price tag or receipt say? It is usually a cryptic way of naming the bag.
  5. Hi!
    I don't recall ever seeing a Coach factory or boutique bag, that has vinyl trim. All Coach made for factory store items I've purchased have leather trim. As far as the brass hardware versus the nickel, both are used on boutique and specifically factory bags. For instance, the Scribble Brights from 2005 have nickel or silver colored hardware and were not factory bags. And the factory Holiday Patchwork bag, made only for the factory outlets have brass hardware.
    Can you post pictures of your bags? I don't know what that SA means when she said a lot are copies??
  6. Maybe the trim is patent leather?!
  7. Sometimes the shiny leather in the darker browns can look pleathery. do you have the numbers on the creed, if so and if it is not a factory exclusive bag then you can use the drilldown to id them. If it is Chelsea, they do make that line for the factory outlet as well so it won't show up unless it was in the full price retail store first or on As for the quality compared to fakes question, there is no comparison. most fakes will fall apart after a few uses and are made from poor quality materials, fashioned to look like the real thing in some cases. I don not own any fakes but have seen them , the zippers are of poor quality and they use plastic trim and shoddy stitching and materials etc. Also Coach stands by their product (although I have issues with them lately) Apparently they will stand by their product for normal wear and tear having to do with craftmanship and will fix or attemp to fix or replace any item. good luck with your purchases, my advice would be if you don't really like the bags and still have your receipt then if you really want a carly you can return these items at the full price store with your receipt and get what you want.
  8. Thanks for the responses so far!

    I can't currently post photos but how do I use the "drilldown" feature to identify the bag numbers???
  9. There is a link on this forum for it. It includes an item number that you replace with the last 4 digits of the number on your bag and it brings up a picture of the bag Sorry, I don't know off hand what it is maybe someone else can help.
  10. Okay, the drilldown feature on the Coach site isn't currently working so I searched the style numbers on the internet.

    The black flap bag that I have is a Soho mini-signature flap bag. This appears to be leather trim.

    The other bag I could only find on eBay -- the tag says SIG SFT HOBO F10906 Khaki/Mahogany. The strap may be leather although questionable but the trim on the bottom corners of the bag definitely is not.

    This is the bag except it is black and mine is khaki with dark brown leather or pleather.

    What do you all think? Do you think the Factory stores are now competing with the Fake sellers?????? I mean seriously, I think I could get a better looking fake for a lot less money!

    Also, do the factory store handbags not come with dust cover bags? Was I supposed to ask for these??

  11. The drilldown doesn't work for some bags.. but the drilldown is working. The trim on the bottom of the bag Should be leather.. I have never heard of a Coach that did not have leather trim. :confused1: I like the soho bags.. I am not a huge fan of the other one, but it is your taste.. if you think it doesn't look real or you don't like the style I wouldn't have purchased it. :sad: Maybe return or exchange them? Good Luck! :okay:
    Most of the factory bags do not come with a dustbag. .it is rare to find one, and usually only with the newer bags that are being sent there, if it has one it will be inside of the bag. :yes:
  12. Just curious, why did you buy the bag if you thought it looked fake? :confused1:
    Of course the Factory Stores are not competing with fake sellers. :tdown:
    And of course you could get a fake bag for a lot less money. Whether or not it would look better is purely subjective not to mention it would be FAKE. Do a search on fake bags, it's been discussed aplenty and no one on this forum likes them at all.
    If you are not happy with the bag, return it and get your money back.
  13. Well, yes, I know I shouldn't have purchased it but I have been wanting a khaki signature Carly for awhile but could not justify $368 for it. This was the closest thing at the outlet to the style and size that I wanted. As I said, my husband and kids were impatient (which is why I normally ONLY shop by myself but we were on a family vacation) so I just bought it since the salesperson told me it was leather -- in fact, she acted surprised that I would even question it! Of course, I made sure that it was fully refundable at another outlet store if I changed my mind! I was tired after skiing for 3 days straight so I decided to just buy it and look at it more closely at home. If it was under $100, I probably would just keep it but $219 for an inferior

    Not sure about the Soho flap either. Like the style alot but the strap seems shorter than what I normally like.
  14. Well if it is Coach and bought at the outlet store it is indeed leather :yes: As far as the Carly, they are not at the outlets at all.. there have been a few found but are returns and are hit and miss. You can wait until pce and get a medium Carly for $261 or watch ebay. If you are not happy with the bags I would return them, it is not worth the money no matter what if you are not happy. :tdown:
  15. I did not mean to ruffle any feathers -- I understand that no one on this forum likes fakes....not trying to say that I like them at all. Since this is my first experience with a Coach outlet, I'm trying to understand the difference between the factory items and the boutique items.

    I guess I just thought that a Coach factory store would carry top quality merchandise but I'm finding out that it may be like most other factory outlet stores which have started manufacturing lesser quality clothing etc. specifically for these stores. My concern is that since the Coach bags are made in China (at least that's what it says on my tag) what would stop some of these bags from being intercepted and sold on irreputable sites such as ioffer??? I'm just really confused about the whole thing now. I'm definitely going to visit the Jeffersonville Ohio outlet to possibly return these bags for other ones but in the meantime, just trying to get a little more info from all of you who know much more than I do about these bags.

    Also, anyone know when Coach first cam out with the signature print?