Question about outlet & dustbags

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  1. At the outlets I recently bought the White Pebbled Leather Shoulder Tote but it didnt come with a dust bag. Do outlet bags usually come with one or could I call CS and have them send me one?
  2. 90% of the time outlet bags do NOT come with a dustbag.. it's just luck of the draw. You can try to call CS but I don't know if they will get you one or not... if they won't and you really want one I have seen them on eBay. :tup:
  3. yeah, it's usually luck with dustbags. i've gone into my boutique many times and gotten one- they'll usually do it for you. =)
  4. The majority of the bags that are sold at the outlets do not come with dustbags. The only time that I was able to get one was is if the bag was sent there from the boutique. The bags that are made for the outlet definetly do not come with dust bags.
  5. That's happened to me too & when I called customer service to see if they'd send me a dust bag, they said they couldn't b/c of their policy. Maybe you'll have better luck in getting one!
  6. Yeah, The only reason they would come with a dust bag is because they come straight from a boutique. But when I go to my outlet, and I want a purse that does not come with a dust bag, I just ask them if there is any laying around, or if there is one in a purse that they know of that I could have. And 9 times out of 10 they give me one. I just insist that I have to have one, because I don't like my bags without them. So give that a try!

  7. I went to the outlet and bought 2 bags that didn't have dust bags, and the next two times I bought stuff at the store, I just said could I have an extra dust bag because I bought this and this at home without one and they gave me one.
  8. Yeah, we don't really get a lot of surplus dustbags at the store or anything, but if you go to the boutique and ask and there is an extra one there, they'll usually be happy to give it to you :smile:
  9. At the outlet I go to, if there's going to be a dustbag, it's inside the bag. I always look through them all the ones of the style I'm going to buy to make sure one doesn't have one - haha. Two of the three I own from the outlet didn't come with a dustbag.
  10. Just ask and I am sure they can give you one. Any time I have been to the Coach outlets in CA, I always asked and they gave me one.

    At the Coach stores here I always ask for dustbags for the wallets and small accessories, and they give them to me as well.
  11. that's mean buying at outlet is without dustbag !? unless we ask for it.

    buying at the store sure we got dustbag ?!

    some one please correct me ??? thank you.
  12. I never found out why they had us remove the dustbags at the outlet. Some of them did come with them, and they actually told us to take them out before putting the bags up. Sometimes they would let us keep them inside the bag. It changed depending on who was giving the order. I'd still like to know why. When I asked they said they didn't know, it's just what they're told to do.
  13. ^^You got a cognac spy??? A little OT I know, but I am so jealous!
  14. I usually ask for on when I'm making a purchase at the outlets. SO far, I been lucky and got dustbags for all my purchases. They even gave me dustbags for the purse charms and the cosmetic pouch. So just be sure to ask at the outlets!!!!
  15. Oh, yeah I do. :smile: I got it months ago before my first Chanel. It was the first time I paid over $1k for a bag. *ouch* I've only used it once, it isn't the easiest bag to use, but I still love it.