Question about oulet out a newbie, please!

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  1. How do you know if an item was made for factory or is from the Boutique store and at the outlet? Are the true MFF items just less desirable? I think I'm going to go back to the outlet today to look for a couple things. I'm just getting back into Coach (I haven't bought a bag in 5 years!) I have no idea what the Boutique ones even looked like, so I have nothing to compare. I've been looking on Ebay for a Carly (I so wish I could have cought this at the outlet) and Zoe. The side parts of the Zoes that I see on Ebay (which are usually a buckle) are different than those I see at the outlet. Did they just make 2 different kinds or are the ones at the outlet without the buckle on the sides the MFF bags?
  2. Made for factory items have an F preceeding the style number in the creed. The MFF Zoe's lack all the buckle detail down the side, but are still cute. The FP Zoes had the buckle detail. HTH!

    FP deletes are usually more desirable than the MFF items, but some of the MFF bags are really cute too!
  3. Thanks! I really like the buckle so I was hoping to find one, but it looks like I'm out of luck unless I want to get one off Ebay :sad: Oh well...I know better now. Thanks! Maybe I'll get lucky and one will have been returned by the time I get there today, lol.
  4. No problem, you never know. I saw Zoe's at the Outlets last week and 2 weeks ago, both in Michigan and Indiana. Sometimes they get random peices and you may score a FP Delete. It never hurts to call the outlet and ask if they have the item you are looking for. The prices on the bay aren't that bad for Zoe, I consider anything under retail better than paying full price. Good luck in finding your bag!!
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    The MFF Zoes did and still do have buckle detail on the sides. The new MFF Zoes (with the cross-body strap) are the ones that do not have that detail. There are still some of the MFF Zoes with the buckle, though! Mostly signature, maybe some FP patent in clearance.

    ETA: My sister just bought a black/black siggy Zoe with silver hardware with the buckle hardware last weekend. It was MFF, and they had a million of them because we asked them to bring more out to pick the "best" pattern. Just FYI.
  6. I thought, for a time, MFF did have the buckle did...but Coach just released the updated Zoe without the buckle? Maybe I'm crazy -- which is a good possibility.

    As far as MFF being less desirable...that's a matter of personal opinion. Most of us here on tPF will head straight for full price deletes before looking at MFF. But you have people who are strictly MFF fans because the price is always good and the quality is pretty great, too.

    I have bought both...more FP deletes for myself, MFF for others...and this was pretty much before I discovered tPF. I never knew the difference between the two, honestly...and the difference was never enough for me to notice.
  7. I did see some at the outlet that had the buckle, but those were mostly either the really small ones or the pink/white ones, neither of which I really cared for.

    Without looking at all the creeds, is there a way to tell what the FP deletes are? Do they put them somewhere specific to begin with? I had my son with me the last time and I couldn't really even look. I want to get there today as soon as they open so I have time to really look. I was bombarded by the SAs the last time I was there, though, so I didn't feel like I could really even look
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    Like Tuptake said above, an "F" will be before the second set of numbers in the inside patch - that's the only way to really tell if you'e new. I can tell because I know what color combinations were in FP. The new colors/hardware combos are obviously MFF to me... but I can't tell you how you will know otherwise.

    The best I can tell you, is that you are not likely to find any Zoes that are not MFF, except maybe in the clearance section. Good luck, though!
  9. Thanks! I'll just take my chances and see what I can find. I'm going to try to go to a different store, though I need to check the weather. Although I'm willing to do a lot to go to a Coach Outlet, I'm not sure I'm willing to drive in the mountains in the snow to go to an outlet!
  10. yesterday at the outlet in Aurora IL they had FP delete black/black/sv zoes in clearance. There was no F in the creed and they all had dustbags. They came to around $135 after the markdown, 50% off clearance, and 20% off coupon.
  11. I so would have loved to gotten my hands on that bag!!! Do they do phone orders? Lol.


    I'm back! I was there for what seemed like an eternity. I'm sure the SAs thought I was going to just move in, lol.

    I ended up getting the black/black signature spotlight. I was going to wait and hope I saw it for a bit less later, but since I've been looking at that bag since it was on the Coach website, I figured I'd get it since it was an additional 30% off. There is no F in front of the number, does that mean it's a PF delete? Have they remade this line or is ti all from the Boutique stores?

    I also got the Tattersall cosmetic bag, wristlet and mini skinny to store stuff in. I loved the pattern, but I'm not that adventurous when it comes to my bags, so I figured they would be good for inside, lol. And I got a really cute charm key fob. I also picked up the patchwork tote for a friend who doesn't have an outlet close, if she wants it, then I'll be selling it, if not, then I'll keep it too :nuts:

    There was SO MUCH more that I wanted, but I know that is a bit ridiculous, lol. They said they'll be getting new stuff in 2-3 weeks.

    I am loving the Maggie bags that are on the Coach site. Are they new bags or will they be in the outlets anytime soon?
  12. It's a FP delete - congrats!
  13. to piggy back on this espresso sabrina has an F in front of the creed number. and an F on the price tag. i didn't know that they made MFF sabrinas? am i wrong?
  14. i was thinking (or hoping rather :P) that it was a factory reprinted tag? and F for February for the creed?
  15. Congrat's on your Poppy spotlight...That is a FP bag..I got the black patent leather small spotlight for $175.00 @ my outlet...Enjoy your Poppy bag and accessorie's!!!!:smile: