Question about ordering merchandise...

  1. I just have a quick question for all you LV lovers.

    When doing a phone order, did you ever get a shipping confirmation e-mail? I got the order confirmation e-mail but nothing more. I called LV today, a few times as a matter of fact to check on my order. The representatives gave me a FedEx tracking number and as of right now there's no scans of the package beyond "Package data transmitted to FedEx." Usually there's a scan saying picked up... but my package data was transmitted to FedEx at noon, wouldn't there be some additional scans now since the package is supposed to arrive tomorrow? I called FedEx at 7 PM EST and asked if they got the package yet and there was no information on that. The LV reps insisted that the package was "shipped" and that there was nothing wrong with my order.

    Has this happened to anyone? :confused1: I just hate not knowing what's going on with my packages... forgive me if I am a little paranoid. :sad:
  2. Don't worry, as long as it says "scheduled to be delivered tomorrow" at, then you're okay. Check again in the morning ... sometimes they're late in updating their system.
  3. are you referring to .com purchae or phone order? If it's phone, i've never receive any tracking info..... but either way, it could mean item has been packed, marked as shipped in their inventory, just waiting for FedEx to pick up their shipment :yes:
  4. I am referring to a phone order. What has me worried is the fact that the cut off time was 8:30 PM EST. I am just wondering if it's been picked up. If it has then I am fine. But I paid $40 for priority overnight, so that's what upsets me. I want info lol.