Question about ordering from the mothership...

  1. Can one order exotic... in any handbag style? If so, will it be sent directly to your home or local boutique? Or do I have to fly back to Paris to pick it up in person.

    TIA! Normally I would't even fathom such an attempt. But I just recieved word that I MIGHT be sent on a wee little business trip that includes a 14 hour layover in Paris....
  2. You'd have to go back to fetch it yourself (or have someone with your authorisation to pick it up). Otherwise, they'll send it at your expense AND you might end up paying customs.
  3. Oh dear... flying back could be a bit tricky as I can't exactly drop everything. They could hold it if I left them my CC info, right? I don't mind taking care of shipping. Customs, now that's another story... Ugh! Thanks.
  4. I'm not sure about how they hold bags that have been ordered. It really depends on the relationship you have with your SA and the store.
  5. They will hold it for 5 weeks for you.

    They've held it longer for me - you can call them to tell them when you'll be picking it up. They're actually very accomodating.