Question about ordering from M by MJ stores

  1. I first called the Bleeker St store; person I spoke with was not very helpful. I am looking for the long shiny wallet...he said they were out and no other store got them. I even offered the item # and he said no, he knew what I was talking about and they were sold out. Fine.

    I called Peter (who was super sweet - thanks for the recs guys!) at the Savannah store, but his store didn't have what I wanted and said they shipped them to the NY store.

    I called BACK and got the same guy. Explained again what I was looking for and he said that they DO have them. :shrugs: I asked if he could email me the authorization form and he said he HAD to fax it.

    So my question(s)...are the policies different for Collection vs. M by MJ stores? I explained that I had ordered from two Collection stores and they had emailed me the form and I emailed one back and faxed one back. He said no, I had to have access to a fax machine (I don't until Thursday).

    Then he said "Do you want to call back when you have access to a fax machine?"...and I just said I guess I have to...

    I read the old Pan Am thread and no one seemed to have a is it just me and this IS the process, or is he giving me a hard time?

  2. I was able to get the form from the Savannah MbMJ store by e-mail and at first they said it would be fine to e-mail it back. When I did so, they said it had to have my signature so I needed to fax it instead. But then when I inserted a digital image of my signature into the form and e-mailed it back, they accepted that instead.

    It seems to me that their policies aren't very consistent and the SA wasn't even sure of how to process it at first. You might have better luck if you speak to a different person.
  3. Thanks Miri. I can do it via email since I have a scanner and can send my signature, but we don't have a fax machine...and I do not want to go to Kinkos and wait for the fax and all that....
  4. It sounds like this guy didn't know what he was talking about! I've never had a problem using the email confirmation form. I just type in my name in the signature line and it's done with.

    Maybe if you call back and talk to yet another person, they will be more helpful! Ugh, I hate poor customer service! Nothing is more frustrating!!

    I just called back and talked to a girl. She gave me numerous reasons as to why they 'can't' email the form. Here are the ones I remember:
    -It takes too much time and so it's a waste of money
    -They have emailed the form before and people 'always mess it up'
    -She knows it is 'really rude' but they can't do anything about it
    -Other stores do it because they aren't as busy as they are

    My replies: I understand you're busy. But you say you're losing money by emailing, so to me that says you would rather miss out on a sale instead of taking the time to send an email.

    At the HEIGHT of the Selma sale frenzy, one of the SAs emailed me the form. And she was awesome.

    **edited: Just talked to Matthew in MA - he is going to call me later this week if they get in small leather goods. Their shipment was also being sent to NY and I just don't want to deal with them.
  6. WTH??!! That is RIDICULOUS!

    Why are these people being so snooty?? UGH! Did you try LA or SF? Maybe it's not worth it. Were they better at MA? I've been thinking of calling up there an ordering some of the Provincetown t's. They're so cute! I definitely don't want to be chastised for not owning a fax machine!! UGH!!

    It seems like there have been multiple threads/posts lately about poor customer service at MJ and MbMJ boutiques! It just ruins the experience!
  7. The guy in MA was really nice. I also called the LA store and spoke to a woman who offered to call me when some things come that was nice too.

    I really *do* understand that the Bleeker St. store is super busy, but what irritated me was that they really just didn't care. :shrugs:

    Oh well - my business will go to a different store. ;)
  8. when i order my Pan Am bag from Savannah store, the SA had me faxed too, he wont do it through email, i am suprise to hear you guys are able to do it through emails!!!!!!!!!
  9. The NY store was adamant about accepting faxed order forms only, both times I ordered from them. If I had known other stores were less rigid, I would have ordered from them!! It was a pain in the butt. I went into work on one of my days off just to fax.