Question about ordering an item

  1. I was interested in ordering the damier pouch that usually comes in the Marais and ordering the chain so I could use that as a mini pochette. I will be in Vegas this weekend for 4 days so I thought of ordering it from them so it would be there when I got there. What are my obligations if I do order? Do I pay for it up front? What do I do if I decide I don't like it?

    Since that pouch was bigger than the mini pochette, I thought it would be a better deal.
  2. Honestly, I don't know if they'll let you do that unless you buy the marais as well. You could always try calling the boutique ahead of time to see if they'll let you...
  3. I tried this myself, maxiemoo at my local boutiqu and the NM LV. My SA was not there at either place, and maybe they would have done so for their customer, but the reply I got was there were none available and/or they could not do it. I did not push the issue. I am planning on asking 866 if this is something that is feasible, but have not gotten around to it.
    I'd also be interested in hearing from anyone that has ordered this pouch without the Marais bc I did not have great luck so far.:shrugs:
  4. Thank you ilikepenguins- that was helpful. I remember that post now....:flowers:
  5. Hmm...if this is the case, I kinda want to do this, too!
  6. I just called 866 and they said that the pouch comes w/the chain attached w/the clasp on one side and that I would have to bring the bag to the store so they could attach the chain to the bag.

    But I know that TPFer ajamesgrly bought the items separate and the chain had the clasps on both sides.

    So frustrating when Customer Service tells you things can't be done when they can be.... grrrrrrr.