question about optic large makeup case

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  1. Well, I posted this in the 'answers to autenticity' section where I thought it should belong but I didn't get any help so I apologize if I'm not supposed to be posting here but I know a lot more people will read it!

    Does EVERY Coach item have YKK zippers?? I received a green optic large makeup case in the mail from e-bay today and the c's look right for the optic pattern, the hangtag and creed look good (correct spacing, pointed A, straight stitching, etc) but the two zippers are not YKK :confused1: The style number is F77076.

    Any help would be super appreciated!
  2. I just looked at every coach item I own and they all have YKK on every zipper somewhere: leather carly, demi carly, pouch, wristlets, wallet, weekend tote, sig stripe tote, etc.

    I don't have any make up cases though. I hope there's an exception for you!
  3. Awh thanks hehe... that would take me an hour!