Question about opening/closing the SMALL love cartier bracelet

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  1. Hello,

    I recently bought the small love bracelet by Cartier in August 2019.

    I often wear it and then take it off (for example I’ll wear it on the weekend and then take it off for work because I wear a watch and don’t like to wear both to work).

    Previously it was always a struggle to open it!! But now, I can open it by simply pulling the two halves apart. I’m really worried I’ve broken the clasp or something given in the shop the sales associate showed me how to open it and I struggled and would need to press/lift/pull super hard. Whereas now I can just pull the bracket apart without even pressing the little knob down.

    I would love to know if other people can unlock theirs so easily as well???

  2. Hi I just bought the small Love too in August. Same thing for me, really hard to open at first but now opens much easier. I think it was hard to open just because it’s brand new. Hope we can hear from others that have had it longer. BTW I take it off everyday, I don’t like to sleep with jewelry on.
  3. Are you locking it with the screwdriver after closing? Mine were never super hard to open, and it loosened a little but that is normal with anything with a clasp. Also, keep in mind that the more you take it on and off: the more wear you will put on the hinge mechanism.
  4. Also I forgot to ask what knob? I don’t have a knob on mine to pull/push?
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  5. Can the small love bracelet be worn 24/7 like the regular love bracelet? The small love bracelet feels so delicate... I'm hesitant to wear it 24/7. I've never had the regular love bracelet so I cant compare myself.
  6. Yes.

    Also yes, the hinge loosens over time.
  7. Thank you for your response!
    Hinge loosens up? To what extent? As in it will break apart?
  8. No. As in it opens more easily over time, requiring less force.
  9. Phew! I was starting to regret my purchase. Thanks for clearing that up.
  10. No problem! Enjoy it. I love mine.
  11. I got my small Love two years ago and I've been wearing it 24/7 stacked with my regular Love. No issues so far...
  12. I've been wearing mine almost a year pretty much 24/7 and no problem as well.
    My bracelets seem to stay put after unlocking though... I need to press up or down slightly on one side to open them apart smoothly but it isn't easy at times.
  13. Would you happen to have a recent picture of it? I would like to see the extent of wear from wearing it 24/7 for 2 years. Thanks.
  14. Would you happen to have a recent picture of it? I would like to see the extent of wear from wearing it 24/7 for a year. Thanks!
  15. This is the most recent pic I have...from earlier this year. It still looks the same..