Question about online purchase

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  1. Hey everybody, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but this board looks active and friendly, so I'll give it a shot. I'd like the Fendi Hobo Chef Zucca bag, in the brown and black. I'm looking at the medium sized one (I think), style # 8BR436. Bloomingdale's and Neiman's in Atlanta can get it, but I'm finding it online at eFashionStore, Stylebymail, and Handbag Crew for alot less. Are any of these three stores reputable? Can anybody recommend these or any other sites to order from. Thanks alot!
  2. Be weary of some online fashion stores!! I haven't ordered from any of those personally, but maybe someone here can help!! I'd say go for the sure thing- Bloomingdale's and Nieman's. Also online is which has Fendi bags! Hope this helps!!
  3. Yeah, go for the sure thing! You dont want to waste money trying to save money.
  4. Well, what is the actual price difference - if other sites are selling it way waaay cheaper, it is most likely a fake.

    If the price difference is around 10% I would seriously consider it and make sure the site has a good return policy.

    If the difference is like $10 - $20 - just suck it up and go with the more reputable site. Your peace of mind is worth it, and the big department stores will probably offer faster, more reliable shipping, and better customer service.
  5. Well the various places are saying that it retails for 600-700, and they're offering it for 270-350. They don't seem too disreputable, but I'd rather not spend all that money on something if it's gonna be fake
  6. Yeah I was wondering about that too. Especially with Fendi bags at a boutique a certain bag can be $545, but online some offer them around $210? But the security of buying the real thing at a boutique is better. You really don't know with online retailers (unless it's elux, saks, etc.).
  7. Hi, has anyone heard anything on ?

  8. I bought a Fendi online from They sell the real thing at a discount.
  9. I concurr.
  10. I agree with both. I've seen Fendi on Bluefly and Bluefly definitely sells real stuff.
  11. yeah, bluefly is great.
  12. efashionhouse is real, efashionstore is fake. go for either bloomingdales or neimans (but i say go for bloomingdales b/c i hate their SAs at the Lenox store are soooo sweet!)

    peace of mind is worth a LOT.

  13. Buy the bag at a department store, sleep well and avoid aggravation -life is short.
  14. I think we have found, through our discussions here and investigating sites- which I will not name but we all know who I am talking about- that it is better to buy from a department store or the designer boutique. Saving money is not worth the struggling thoughts of is it real.
  15. My friend purchased a fake bag from one of these websites while ago. and Diamond Life both sell 100% fake bags. These two companies work together and if one company doesn't have certain item in stock, it refers you to go buy it from the other store. While they do sell pretty-close-to-real replicas, they are REPLICAS. These bags are generally lighter in weight than authentic items due to using cheap pleather and hardware. They even have serial numbers and hologram stickers for certain items but you will know right away these are not real deal when they come right off or you can see the glue hanging. These companies also have eBay accounts and sell their items that way too. DO NOT be fooled by their repeated assurance that their bags are real. They are just relatively well copied fakes.