Question about olive leaf pendant (in silver/rose gold)

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I love the design of the olive leaf pendant but I'm struggling with which version to get, since the silver version is obviously a lot more inexpensive than the rose gold one.

    Has anyone bought the olive leaf pendant in either silver or rose gold? If you own the silver version, has it held up well (does it oxidise easily, and does polishing/cleaning return it to its original shine)? I am planning to wear this as an everyday necklace.

    Would really appreciate any advice! :smile:
    Olive leaf pendant silver.png
  2. I have the other style (branch) and it has held up very well. It hasn’t tarnished on me (but silver never does - some people’s skin oils have a different reaction) and, for a fine chain, I’m really surprised that it has never broken.

    I also have a rose gold version of the small leaf version. I was worried it was very malleable but I have fallen asleep with it on more times than I would like and it has been fine.

    I love this collection and have a few pieces from it lol.
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  3. I vote for the RG version and the diamond in it is nice.

    I love the olive collection. I have the heart olive earrings in YG and I plan to add more YG pieces from the collection down the road.
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  4. Hi! I do have the silver one since Christmas and it doesn't tarnish any faster or worse than any other Tiffany silver. I use the cloth and then wash it in dish soap and let dry. It looks new!