Question about older styles

  1. Is it frowned upon by Coach fasionistas to carry older style bags for different seasons? I am in love with that Coach purse with the little fishies on it and was thinking about getting one for the Summer since it is Summery to me, but wanted to know your opinions about buying older style bags to use as new ones for the season. Do I even make any sense?? LOL..I am rambling.

    What other bags are great for this Summer?
  2. If you love it, that's all that matters. Who cares what other people think!
  3. if you try to keep up with everything new coach puts out, you're going to get into a ton of debt, really quickly. trust me.

    carry what you love. end of story.
  4. :yahoo: There's nothing wrong with carrying a bag from past's nice to switch up with different outfits and stuff! I am currently carrying my white soho with the braided handle, complete with Sun keyfob :graucho: . Sometimes it takes a while and certain styles will end up growing on me by the next season. Enjoy what appeals to you and that's all that matters :yes: .
    P.S. Post a pic of your new bag when you get it!!
  5. That's what makes collections beautiful. The classics and the new items!!!
  6. Coach's summer bags (resort collections) are so unique that it's beyond trends and last season's. I consider them collectibles!
  7. i really like the fish bags too. get it!
  8. I think prior season bags are more interesting in some ways because, we don't see as many of them, kwim?So if you like something by all means carry it!
  9. Lord, if we could all afford to just buy new season stuff to use for that season, then stopped using it, none of us would be here on this forum, I think we'd all be out shopping till we dropped, then driving home in our chauffeur-driven limousines, sipping cocktails in the back, surrounded by piles of shopping bags.

    (At least, that's my fantasy, is that weird? *L*)

    Joking aside though, I think it's silly to buy a bag, and only wear it for that season then never wear it again. Buy what you love and use it when you want to!