Question about older dust bags

  1. I was wondering when the linen dust bags with the LV logo (instead of the actual words) came out?

    When I bought my pochette, the dust bag that came with it had the words LOUIS VUITTON on the front flap but I was looking at a picture of another pochette accessoires and the bag came with a linen dust bag with the LV logo on it (like the one in this eBay auction LOUIS VUITTON EPI MENS LV WALLET "NEW " (item 250020019461 end time 25-Aug-06 13:57:25 EDT) )

    The bag looked pretty new and the vachetta had a very slight to medium patina so I was curious when this dust bag came out.
  2. ^ Thanks =)
  3. The item and dust bag in this auction are fake. The older style tan dust bag with LV on it was d/c in 2004 - that is when the new LOUIS VUITTON dust bags came out.
  4. The first one looks questionable to me. The second one is real.
  5. Yup I know the auction I posted is fake; I was reading another thread and saw the link so it was more convenient for me to post that link in case my original post is too vague.
  6. what you're looking at is FAKE !
  7. Good question, I have often wondered this myself.
  8. old dust bag that lv isnt burgandy/red its more like brown

    New dust bag

  9. Thanks for posting pics.
  10. I know it's fake ... I only used it for a reference in case my original explanation is too vague.