Question about old style bags!

  1. I'm in New York City and at Hearld Square at 34th street, I see alot of familgia, notte and blanco on the shelves. Are they on sale? Shouldn't they be on sale right now? Since now the Tutti and the Transporto have come out, shouldn't they be on sale?

    I also notice the difference between the notte and the newer bags. The nottes are softer than the newer bags. Do you notice that? :borg:
  2. hMm i dont think so... because l'amore came out before famaglia and its still not on sale at the local macys
  3. Nope, some stores never put Tokidoki on sale.
  4. Hrm, I've only seen tokidoki on sale in Metropark... AS Canguro for only 65$ and AS Bella for 74$. But AS has been around for a while now, and it's not everyone's favorite print. I dont think most stores put tokis on sale. Because, people eventually buy them anyways
  5. I've only seen Macys and Nordstrom put them on sale. Sometimes at Ross, but that's about it.
  6. Ok thanks!
  7. Wow, wherever you live, you sure do have some smokin' hot Ross stores! The Ross stores near me seem to be giant repositories of Loop NYC and Harajuku Lovers handbags (and that's on a good day). I would do flips if I found Tokis there.