Question about number of stitches in Celine luggage nano

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  1. Hey everyone!
    I also wrote this post as a reply in the authentication thread, but maybe it's better to start a new thread?
    I was just wondering if the number of stitches really matter in Celine luggage nano bag!
    Mine is a new Celine so that could be different, but even so, I have noticed that the number of stitches on some parts in my luggage bag is not symmetric. For instance, front's very top left top part having 4 stitches vs. right part having 5, and on the bottom floor paddings, in the rounded corners, some have 10 some have 9... I know this is very detailed and most people won't care about this but it just really bothers me :sad: I got the bag itself from Neiman Marcus' Celine store so I'm not too worried about the bag being fake, but still I've heard some people receiving fake from the department stores + maybe the bag is defect?
    If anyone else has asymmetrical/different number of stitches can you let me know?
    Also if this is something normal or something that I should be worried about, please let me know as well... so that I feel better!! Thanks!!!
  2. My celine belt mini has feet that are not attached symmetrical to the folds at the bottom, but after measuring it it was pretty okay... Didn’t let that bother me too much. Unfortunately the bag is back at celine for some stitching repair on the whiskers so I can’t take a photo to show what I mean.
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    I’ve never counted the stitches on a bag :confused1: It’s probably a sign that it’s been hand stitched on that part. IMO (and feel free to ignore me if you disagree) the only questions you should be asking yourself about a new bag are things like, is it well made? Is it worth what I’m paying? Do I like the colour? Will it fit my stuff, my lifestyle? Not is it genuine - since you bought it from an authorised Celine retailer, nor, is this stitch a nanometre bigger than that one? :flowers:
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