question about NR

  1. Nordstrom Rack...anyone know if it is legit?

    recently bought 2 pairs of sunglasses from them (@65, i thought it was really good), then went to sunglasseshut and saw one of the same pair, but the pair from sgh was slightly different. Has anyone had bad experience with them? Authenticity issues?
  2. It's a Nordstrom outlet, of course it's authentic:yes:
    Just must be a past season color or something.
  3. i don't know about sunglasses but i've bought 2 pairs of seven jeans from there and they were authentic. i'm pretty sure NR is good about that unless they have a fake return?? maybe they were an older season's glasses?
  4. Nordies rack is fully legit to my knowledge i would have to agree that its probably a past season item.
  5. I also agree that it's probably a past season thing. Almost everything at NR is a season or two old, and designers like to change little things (prolly to trick us into buying new pairs every season!).
    However, I know that one member here had a bad experience buying a fake handbag from NR. This is probably just an issue with the high price items where buying real and returning fake is really profitable. And that was an isolated incident, usually NR is good about making sure that the stuff they sell is authentic (for example, a lot of their high end designer stuff is final sale).
    I didn't want to make you worry though, I'm sure your sunglasses are fine! :yes:
  6. I scored a Cole Haan Village Convertible Tote on their sale table at $209,which selling in NM $425. And I saw they have a lot of New Style Coach on sale too. Most of them are 30% off. Also at Macy there are some Coach on sale too. Girls, go check it out!!
  7. Do you recall which Coach styles? Legacy? Ergo? Thanks in advance!
  8. There is a beautiful Coach Legacy bag for 50% off at Nordstrams at the Grove today.
  9. Thanks! I just wanted to make sure the sunnies are legit...cuz i've heard of fake stuff coming out from other discount stores

    When I went to buy sunglasses, I saw a bunch of all-leather coaches in the middle of the store. They seem to be new arrivals. (Sorry, still didn't answer your question about which style, cuz I'm not into Coach). Also, they were doing an extra-35% to 75% percentage off for a lot of handbags...I saw a Marc Jacob at extra 35%, a whole bunch of Andrew Marc, and a lot of Juicy bags (non-leather ones). I think there was 1 beat-up cole haan at 75% off, and it would end up being $30 but it was in such a horrible shape...but the leather might be cleanable (again, no idea what style cuz I'm not into any of those brands)
  10. i just had to share, but i scored a leather jacket at Nordstrom rack that is still on the website!! so sometimes you get lucky and find current stuff.

    but to share my experience with sunglasses at NR...i actually had two bad pairs from there. the first pair was YSL and the side logo FELL off. i almost thought the glasses were fake because the quality was so poor. the frames seemed waaay too light to be authentic, they felt like dollar store glasses! anyhow, i returned them. the other pair were gucci frames, and the legs were so horribly stiff and sticky. i thought that i could fix them with some WD40 spray since they were so cheap, but i ended up taking those back too.

  11. oh no! were the YSL fakes? I am paranoid!

    mines are actually in really good shape...the gucci ones I picked out the best pair from 3 identical pairs, so it was fine. What I'm doubting is the pair of Versace pink ones (it's in very good shape, but...) I saw the same pair at SGH, and everything was exactly the same except the medusa on the sides was pink on mine, and silver on the SGH pair. What do you guys think? could it be a fake?