Question about Notification Emails

  1. Forgive me if this has been mentioned somewhere else... for some reason I am no longer getting notification emails about responses to threads I have subscribed to or about PMs I have received. I know it was working before, because I used to get an email whenever I had a new PM. But I noticed in the last couple of weeks I am no longer receiving them. I check my email account and I'm not blocking them, and I have my spam setting set on low.

    Has anyone else been experiencing this problem? Is this a known problem that I just missed the thread about? Thanks!! :smile:
  2. Hmm weird. I know that many ISPs seem to block our emails for some strange reason.

    I will check into it, regardless.
  3. Thanks Vlad! It happened again today... I use Hotmail, and I didn't get a notification that I had a new PM waiting here for me. Sometimes Hotmail has its problems, but it used to work, and I'm still getting my notifications from EZ board and Ebay, so who knows... could definitely be a Hotmail glitch as well.
  4. I don't know what you did, Vlad, but it is working again!! I just got an email notification of a PM here!! Thanks!! :flowers:

  5. I didnt do a thing... :shrugs: :confused1:
  6. Now it's stopped working again! :crybaby:

    (don't shoot me!!) I wish I knew what was up with my email! :shrugs:
  7. From everyone I know that uses Hotmail, the answer is "Hotmail is the pits."

    Several former Hotmail users I know switched to Yahoo mail, which is not without problems itself, but apparently it's more reliable than Hotmail. I've used AOL for my mail since 1994, so I'm happy with that. Now that AOL is free, you might think about them as well.
  8. We have some technical issues at the moment that may cause emails not reaching... it should get resolved today.
  9. I use IE and a e-mail and I'm only getting the notifications randomly.

    Oddly, I still get every reported Post, but not all PM notices.:shrugs:
  10. My notifications are working again. ;)

  11. Sadly, our former site IP was flagged in Spamhaus as a spammer IP, that is why come providers were blocking emails coming from our site. :sad:

    After the maintenance of last night, everything should run smoothly.
  12. ^^^Well, almost everything is running smoothly. See what's happening when you quote someone? It's putting in a series of numbers and if you don't delete them, you get that View Post with a red X in the middle. Very annoying.:Push:

  13. Let me fix it.
  14. Thank you, Vlad! :tender:

  15. The little icon now brings you to the post that was quoted... this way, you can quickly quote the same post if you see someone reference it, without having to search for it.