Question about Nordstroms Online vs. Coach Online

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  1. Hello everyone! I am new here and was hoping you could share your insight with me.

    I would like to purchase a leather Sabrina and was wondering, if I order it from Nordstroms online, would it come from Coach or would it come from a store that has it in stock? Or am I better off ordering from Coach online? If so, the same question applies, does it come from a local store or does it come from their factory? I am very picky and hate getting a bag that looks over-handled.

    Thank you for your answers! :biggrin:
  2. HI,
    If you order from, your bag will come from Nordstrom Warehouse. Nordstrom has a buyer for Coach just like other Department stores. If you order from, your bag will most likely come from Jacksonville, FL.
    I can say for that if you don't like the bag when you get it, you can always return it to one of their stores. I have a Nordstrom close by so I just go into the store and have the SA order it for me. (I save on shipping) I then go and pick it up at the store. That way if I don't like the bag, then I can just return it on the spot!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. My Nordstrom will ship for free even if I call the store instead of going in. Returns are NO PROBLEM!!!!! If you buy/return to Nordstrom you never have too worry about "the letter" LOL
  4. But the question is...

    Do they have Sabrina? ??
  5. Hello everyone! Thank you for your responses! I went ahead and ordered my handbag from Nordstroms. Looking forward to receiving it soon. You guys rock! :urock:
  6. My mistake, I meant to write Sophia. :biggrin:
  7. they have sophia. i was just there yesterday.