Question about NMLC and an Indigo Sophia

  1. Does anyone know what the time limit is to return something that was shipped from a NMLC store? I'd like to get the credit back on this bag and want to know if I should even bother trying as I bought it a year ago (or a little more maybe).

  2. The SA, at NMLC at Arundel Mills told me it was 30 days. The NMLC phone numbers should be listed on the NM site, may you should call them to be sure.
  3. they are VERY strict about returning within 30 days. i managed to talk them into giving me a GC for a return that was slightly over 30 days. i was in a full arm cast so i told t hem i couldnt go due to that. (it was true, i broke my right wrist earlier this year)