Question about NM free shipping code

  1. I'm just wondering whether the new shipping code can be applied to previous purchase. I placed an order on Tuesday and have to pay $20 for shipping charges. Today I receive free shipping code in my e-mail. I feel like I'm being cheated. Does this ever happen to anyone before? If I call them, would they issue cedit back?
  2. i am pretty sure that they won't issue credit; i believe their codes usually have a little clause that says this cannot be applied to previous purchases. What you could maybe do, ,however, is to cancel that order and then reorder it with your free shipping code. But either ways, you should definitely give them a call and see what they can do for you!
  3. It's worth a try. Sometimes you get someone nice on the phone. Good luck!
  4. Call them, tell them you forgot to apply the coupon to the order. If they won't apply the coupon, consider to refuse delivery.
  5. I placed an order on Thursday that shipped on Friday 4/6/07 before I saw the new free shipping code. I called just now and the person I got did credit my shipping charges. Now my order shipped on the same day the new code was valid, so that might have to be the same for them to do a credit. And I order tons of items from NM too, which I also used as justification to give me the credit.

    Anyway, it sure doesn't hurt to try!