Question about Niloticus croc

  1. After adoring Mrs.Sparkles' new croc pouchette from a distance, I'm now curious about the baby nilo. Does anyone know if there's a difference in the color saturation between the adult and baby nilo? Like there is between porosus and nilo.

    I was just wondering. Honest. TIA!
  2. humm,... I dont think so,.....
  3. Baby?:crybaby:
  4. Lemming,
    I've seen bags with smaller scales and those with average-sized scales of the same crocodilian species,
    but there was no difference in color, really.

    I am refering to orange here, so I'd exspect if there were a difference it had been visible in that :yes:
  5. Oh no no... I don't think it's baby as in infant-baby. More a species of croc that does not grow big. Eh? :s
  6. Oh, Nola.....not to be upset:heart:

    Even baby crocs ( not that they are used ) are something you don't want to encounter under any circumstances.....
  7. I know, Nola. But they're farmed for H, and that actually helps the survival of the species as a whole.

    It reminds me of when my son was young, and he was eating a hamburger and really enjoying it. He said, "Mom, what is hamburger?"
    I said, "A cow."
    "A ground up cow that died."
    "That's horrible!"
  8. Nola unfortunately if you think about it every Hermes item was once a living creature not just the Nilo. Atleast if they had to pass its better they turn into a gorgeous bag that will be loved and treasured for generations.
  9. there is a color difference between nilo and porosus? i thought it was just smaller scales...please elaborate?
  10. I know. I just had a visual of a baby croc. I don´t want to ponder too much where the skins, leathers come from, it makes me uncomfortable. I´m a hippocrate vegetarian, I know.

    Hummingbird-That reminds me of my childhood; In the carpet store with mama, I see this cow looking carpet. I comment this to mama "it looks like a cow" all excited. She broke it down for me "honey that is real skin from a dead cow" gosh that was rough:sad:
  11. ^Very helpfull! Thank you for posting and GF for making.
  12. The shocked look on an innocent chid's face when they start to learn the realities of life is a picture every mother does not forget and carries painfully. One reason is that we bring up children showing them books from early age with beautiful pictures of animals and their names. And then Kaboom!
  13. In addition to difference in color saturation, would someone explain the difference in the appearance of the pore? Does specie or age or both determine if their is a pore? Could there be more than one pore per scale? TIA.
  14. The pore is where the perception of the equilibrium organ of the crocodilians is located. I've never seen more
    than one per scale.

    The leathers that Hermès refers to as crocodilians (Porosus & Niloticus) both have these pores. Alligators are
    a different strain of the species and therefore their skins don't feature this pore.


    Have a look at HG's leatherbook in the reference section, where she has gathered some more information
    as well!