Question about New Simples vs. Old

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  1. Hi all! I am new to CL. I'm usually over in the Chanel forum. :yes: I just ordered my first pair of CL shoes from NM (phone order). :yahoo:After talking with the SA, I ordered the 38.5. I wear a 38.5 in Prada, or size 8 in a cheaper shoe such as Steve Madden. I normally don't spend big bucks on shoes, but this forum has made me change my mind. :lol: The ones I ordered are called covered platform pump for $660. I have a picture below. I was thinking about ordering another pair for the Saks promotion which ends today. The pair I was considering was the New Simple Pump in royal blue. They only have size 39 in this color. Would I stick to the 38.5 or get the 39 if my usual size is 8 in a cheaper shoe. I hope this is not confusing. I have been reading threads for 2 hours to try & figure this out. :sweatdrop: Please help with the size. Thank you so much. Man, you gals have gorgeous shoes. It looks like I'll be buying more. :drool:

    Second question: Would you recommend the Simple pump or the New Simple? I normally wear a 3-3.5" heel. The Saks info said that the new simple was 4" high. I was thinking that the regular Simple 100 was 4". And the Simple 85 was 3.5. Is that correct? Thanks so much.

    The last picture shows the 3 pictures sent by the SA. I love all three, but thought i'd start with the beige ones. What do you think?

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  2. Hello KathyD and Welcome... :welcome:

    For the New Simples, I sized up 1/2 up from my US size (US 6 --> 36.5). I would suggest waiting for your first shipment of 38.5 and establish what the fit on those feel like. Considering some stretch, the 39 might end up a tad too big over time, since this leather is the kid leather and not patent.

    The New Simple comes in 110; the Simple comes in 100, 85, and now 70. The Simple is a heavenly fit, so if you already have a New on the way, I suggest also getting a Simple as well to diversify things.

    The 'beige' ones would be the Declic in Nude and those are very comfy, IMO. The heel height on this one is 130mm (if I remember correctly) w/ a 20mm hidden platform. :flowers:
  3. Thanks xnplo for all the info. Yes, it probably would be better to wait & see, but the Saks triple points ends tonight. I don't have a New Simple on the way (just thinking about ordering it). I only ordered the Declic in nude. Thanks for the correct name. So the heel height on the nude one is 130? Is that highter than 3.5"-4"? Wow! I hope it won't be too tall.
  4. hey Kathy. There is a 130mm version, but I'm pretty sure the nude Declics that Neiman has are the 100mm. Although in person, they are a bit higher than 4 inches. They have a platform, so that makes it easier to walk on at least. For your second pair, I like the Simples best. They are so comfy!!!
  5. Eventhough the EGC even is over, hopefully I can help you with sizing....

    If the Declic in 8.5 will fit you, then you should get the New Simples 1/2 size smaller (8) or the same as the Declic (8.5). The 39 might be huge on you. Also, the New Simples have 4.5 inches heels including the platform.
  6. Hi KathyD! Fancy seeing you over here. :smile: The one thing you will learn from this forum is that CL sizing is very erratic and varies from individual to individual.

    If you are still wanting a pair of simples from, I was told by a CSR who may have been on crack, but yes she told me the "SHOES" promo ended the 14th. So, you can try. LOL

    Also, the declics you ordered from NM are the lower version. They state it's 100 mm, but Eleni is right in saying that the platform makes them a bit higher. The boutiques and NAP had them in 130 mm.

    Is it easy for you to return things? If anything, I would order the royal blue simples in a 38.5 and perhaps a 38/39 (depending on the width of your foot), and then you can return the one that does not work.

    Is your foot narrow, normal, or wide? The simples will stretch, but I can't give you exact sizing advice on the new simples b/c I have yet to try them on in person. However, if I was going to order them, I'm a US 9 and the biggest I would probably do is 39.5. I would do a 40 if I had to, but I know w/ wear I would have to place inserts and heel grips in them.

    Sorry if I confused you, but welcome to CL land!

    BTW, saw photos of your new Chanel. It's gorgeous! I just stuck to the Rodeo Drive as my Chanel purchase. I splurged on some CLs instead w/ the remaining funds. LOL :smile:
  7. Looking forward to seeing how you like your first pair of CL's. I warn you, they are as addictive as Chanels.
  8. Thanks to everyone for your advise! :flowers:

    I'm finding another way to spend my money besides Chanel! :nuts:

    Hi Ashakes! Thank you. I'm glad you like the beige flap. After looking at everyone's beautiful CL's, I'm really wanting 3 or 4 more. :lol: I hope that I made the right decision with the declics. I just told the SA the color & approx. heel height that I wanted. If they don't work, I saw some pretty Simples 85 & 100 in a camel color. :drool: I can't wait to get more. :wlae:I'll post pics when the shoes arrive. :okay:biggrin:oes anyone own these fuchsia ones? Love them! :love: And I must have the peep toe also.

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  9. The Fuschia is the FONTANETE and the black/red combo is the ARCHITEK. I love both shoes!!
  10. Strangely enough, my size is the same in both the regular and new simples. I do find the regular ones to be more comfy though.
  11. Good to know. I can't wait to find out how mine will fit so I can get more. :lol: